Tuesday, November 8, 2011

october break

The middle of October the kids have a few days of vacation from school.  We had a couple of peaceful, sleep-in mornings with pancakes and pajamas, and television. I was grateful the kids were content with not that much planned. I had just started into the boxes and was really trying to save money.  Thursday we walked over to the mall where they were having a free animal demonstration.  It was a beautiful day.

Our neighbors, including Caitlin's best friend, came with us. 

After the animal show, we stopped at Ike's ice cream and let the little kids, and not so little kids rid the carousel.

Bethany loves Pandas.

William loves elephants.

No bubble gum ice cream that day. My only complaint.

This was right before Sophie got tired of waiting for her cone and dove out of her stroller into a face plant.  She got a bloody nose and black eye and wouldn't even be consoled by her ice cream, so we went home for nap time.
I was grateful that the kids spent a lot of their vacation time entertaining themselves and their friends with our moving boxes.   The nieghbors agreed that boxes are the best toys ever.

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