Thursday, May 7, 2009

all the flowers

Tuesday- We followed Mary's preschool class to a local nursery. They picked out plants for their class garden. Mary chose pink flowers and a strawberry plant.
Not so many Wednesday left- Wednesdays Mary comes home early. We loaded up in the red wagon and I gave them a ride up to Pinnacle Plaza. We love the smell of the local vendors' hot plates. We like to buy egg sandwiches for lunch. Wednesday was a sun shining through particles and pollen-blowy, how-did-this-winter-desert-suddenly-turn-into-a-jungle day. The school year is winding down. I am grateful for Wednesdays.

We stopped at the big playground to play with Emma and Eli Bagwell. Everyone ate Popsicles...hawthorn flavored. They are actually quite good. Emma came back to play with us. Jessie arrived and we practiced our songs for two hours. She brought me some Chinese music. Wednesday night I felt so exhausted. I have to remind myself that moms feel tired at night. Its okay.

Thursday- best playgroup in the world.

Thursday night- We went swimming. Rob had to stay late because the new Chris Hill was in town. The kids told me I made the best dinner ever...french bread, cheese, carrots sticks, and Sprite. That was easy. I had a lot more energy. I am grateful for the next day.

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