Friday, May 22, 2009

blue sky day

Rob's Shaolin temple pictures.

Wednesday and Thursday was it just my imagination or was my virtual private network being blocked?
Friday a blue sky day for Olivia, Mary, and Bethany...the Lower Elementary school field day...and out of the blue Blogspot and Youtube are working again.

Rob really doesn't travel much. Last month he went to the Shaolin temple.
This week he is in Xi'an. I said will you just please not show me all the warrior pictures...remembering my time in Firenze. Everywhere I walked there were postcards of the David. So I felt like I'd seen enough of him and never went to see him for myself.
So what is slightly more challenging than keeping up with nine children while Rob is away is all the feeling balancing....
the it feels good to manage things independently with the I miss your help...
and the have a great time with the hey no fair...
and really looking forward to a phone call but also being pretty much out of social energy.
Friday evening was dance classes for the girls and getting the boys off to the branch campout.
Just as I was tempted to settle everyone in to too much movie watching, the girls' friend came by with her kite. I helped everyone make kites out of plastic grocery bags and curling ribbon. They work great with a little wind and a little free-spiritedness. Grant was all over the field with his kite. It feels good to run with a sail.

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