Sunday, May 31, 2009

comings goings comings back

Its been a week of comings to the embassy. Senator John Kerry came to Beijing and then went to XI’an. Rob went to Xi’an early to prepare and then came back Sunday night with stories of his Xi’an discoveries. And after I made him promise not to show me the pictures, I couldn’t resist looking at them and asking for all the details.

Next was the Nancy Pelosi visit. This week Secretary Geitner is here, so Rob reports that there are many running about as headless chickens at the office. What would we do with ourselves if things didn’t need to be just so?

Next the goings…Monday morning my pleasure and privilege, Sam woke me up at four in the morning. It was the day of his Shanghai trip. We drove over to the school for the five-thirty a.m. drop off. It made me stop and take a breath and watch what was happening. Sixth-graders growing up.
No, Sam didn’t want me to take his picture with his self-packed backpack and suitcase and bed head and fresh, early morning excitement, in front ISB and the rest of the teachers and sixth-graders and their happy anticipation. So I gave him a quick hug and left and soon after they left for the airport. Fly there, two days exploring, take the sleeper-train home. I never went on any fieldtrip that cool.
We did get to go on a fieldtrip with Kyle. Memorial day was a holiday for Rob but not for ISB. It was nice to have Rob’s company since Kyle is at the age where he wants me to go…but really wants to hang out with his friends more than mom…understandable. I still felt lucky to be invited. We went to some kind of agricultural center. There are a lot of things in China that have names too complicated to remember. Kyle had a nice time.

Wednesday, more comings and coming backs. I was grateful for the friends who took the time to come over for my recital and grateful for the good spirit in the room. I keep a picture of Grandpa Alden by the piano. Thinking about him always makes me feel more confident. Jessie enjoyed herself.
Sam came back from Shanghai with gifts for everyone, and many fun stories. I was grateful to hear Ben’s morning prayer that Sam would come back safely and so grateful that he did.
Thursday was a day-off for everyone..Dragon Boat Festival. Olivia had a playdate to go to. Came back. Went to a birthday party. A good day for her.

Friday...just kept up with kids still off from school. Rob was back to work and I was grateful to have the ayis come back to help me with the housework. Lindsay Sevy came over with her children over to play. Gus and Danny came over as well and their mom sent pizza for everyone for lunch…Dominoes…what excitement. There was a lot of going to and coming back from the pool.

Both Sevys and kids came over for a barbecue in the evening. Willa and Sora were about as well. Sam made his fabulous home-made macaroni and cheese. I know Oprah would have loved it.


Leonard Tourney said...

Sounds like an exciting week for all the Raines. Thank you for sharing.


Leonard Tourney said...

Megan, your blog is a great idea. It will help us keep up with your family's activities. What a rich and interesting life you all lead.