Thursday, June 4, 2009

living without socks

Wednesday William and I celebrated our half birthdays. William is six months old and I am too many months to count.

Thursday was twenty years since June 4th. I remember watching the scene on the news with my eleventh grade classmates.

Rob insisted his way on to the square. They were checking foreigners' passports, although they wouldn''t say why, because they don't want to acknowledge the, dare I write the word, anniversary. There just happened to be about twenty thousand security guards about. Rob was inspired to go there. But that's his story. You should ask him about it. It's very poignant, but not appropriate here because this isn't a politics place. It's a gratitude place.

So it is appropriate for me to say that I am grateful for my ancestors who died to protect my freedoms and basic human rights. And to say that I am grateful for others...who would be my age now...who died hoping for change here. Their memory is still a light at the end of this tunnel.

Its Friday. Bethany's class showed off their insect presentations this morning. Caitlin and Grant played in the stream on the ISB playground.

I've been trying to convince Caitlin that summer time means we don't have to wear socks. It's such a pain to pull them on over wet feet. Last week when we were getting ready to leave the pool I asked, "Caitlin, can't we live without the socks?"

She said, " No. I want to live with socks."

Now when we're getting ready to go out she frequently reminds me that she wants to "live with socks."


Anonymous said...

I guess some people were meant to be sock-lovers! Your family is beautiful.

Megan Raines said...

Thank you! Caitlin and I are excited to have our first comment from a new friend.