Sunday, August 9, 2009

bethany's catch

Thursday, July 30th, I was eager to wake up early and sit out on the front porch of the cabin. The deer saw me first. I heard the sound of their hooves and turned in time to see their tails bounce away. The chipmunks were less aloof. They let me watch them run back and forth along the this made of trees fence, so simple and beautiful.

After pancakes for breakfast Grandpa Bob showed us the way to a fishing creek. Grandma and Grandpa, and Rob helped everyone get worms on hooks. I followed Grant, already in love with nature. Bethany made the catch of the day. He got amnesty.

In the evening we cooked hamburgers on the barbecue, then drove to another area for more fishing. The fish were jumping... at mosquitoes, entertaining but too wise
for worms. Kyle spotted a couple of beavers. We watched them swim around the pond. Grandpa Bob showed us a herd of elk in the distance. Rob was fascinated with the clouds and the clouds in the lake. When it started getting dark I had to lure the kids home by promising s'mores. They were almost as difficult as the fish.

After the marshmallows were gone we played games with Kayla. We are grateful for Grandparents and cousins.

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