Monday, August 24, 2009

first days

Our first days back in Beijing were about adjusting to the time change. U.S. to China jet lag is surreal. I start to feel like I'm dragging about four o'clock, when it's time to make dinner. The children are playing one minute and then quickly, a quiet falls over the house. I walk from room to room. All sleepers. I try to make it until 8:30p.m. I hate going to bed too early. I wake up refreshed and it's not even midnight. The kids are up again by 3:00a.m. It's not even 4:00a.m. before we all turn on the light and start the day. That takes at least a week.

More first days came later on in the week. Thursday August 13, was the first day back to school. It was Ben's first day as a middle schooler. Ben and Sam left for the bus by themselves in the morning. I took the younger kids to the welcome picnic at 11:00. That was frustrating to Mary. She was afraid that she was going to miss circle time.

It was Mary's first day of Kindergarten, but she attended all-day preschool at ISB last year, so this first day stuff was old-hat to her. It was Olivia's first day of first grade, and it was Bethany's first day to admit that I was embarrassing her with all my picture taking, and her first day of second grade. Kyle was starting fourth grade with Ms. Woolsey, the dream teacher, just what we need for Kyle this year.

Monday August 17, was Caitlin's first day of preschool. We walked down the block to Miss Bri's Create and Learn Preschool. Bri is my friend from church. She is teaching from her home in River Garden. The classroom looks beautiful. I'll get a picture soon. But for now here is Caitlin with Miss Bri and Ash the cat.


miriam.plass said...

Ah! How your kids are growing up! Caitlin is especially so much older! We sure miss her and the antics that she and Addie get in to! We love you guys!!

Leonard Tourney said...

I'm checking out your blog and missing you so, so, so much. Here in Provo, the big yellow bus arrives every morning to pick up the local kids. And I imagine the Raines crew among them.

Katie, I love your freckles.