Tuesday, August 4, 2009

golden day

Tuesday, July 28, started off with some driving around Denver pictures. We were heading across town to the Natural History Museum next to the Denver Zoo. As we passed through the city center I was impressed by how much there is to do in Denver. When we've lived in Washington D.C. I've always wanted to tour the U.S. Mint, only to be reminded that it is in Denver now. So, Tuesday there we were driving by...no takers. The capitol building area looked inviting too, surrounded by the morning crowd from the farmers' market. And then I had to take more pictures of churches, in their variety, and the Denver Post, and the Denver Art Museum.

I went in to check out the Natural History Museum. It looked interesting but had long lines and was expensive for us at 11USD per adult and 6 per child, especially after Monday's splurge at Elitch. We get spoiled by great free museums in D.C. After a bit of brainstorming we decided to drive a half an hour to Golden.

Here are two views of Castle Rock.

As we drove in to Golden we explored the neighborhood around the Colorado School of Mines.
Then Sam and Kyle and I ran in to the Golden visitors' center where a grandmotherly guide gave us an enthusiastic tour of her pamphlets. Sam took interest in the Museum of Mountaineering. It was just around the corner and across the street from a city park.

A guide at the museum, friendly, knowledgeable and patient, started us off with a ten minute anecdotal tour. Here are some pictures of the museum. Bethany is showing me what she learned about lightening safety and reading clouds. Mary is standing in front of an interactive map of the peaks in the Himalayas.

After the museum we played at the park for an hour or more... walking by the waterside, making up games with the dragon, examining the insects in the trees. Grant admired the city buses that stopped at the park.

We drove back to Denver in the evening to go to dinner at Casa Bonita with Auntie Annie.

When we dropped her off at home we said good-bye to Eric and the sunflowers.

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