Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When Sam was eight, and we lived in Guangzhou, China, he developed an interest in astronomy. Maybe it was his natural attraction to gadgets, or maybe the stars became particularly mysterious to him because for two years we couldn't see any at all. There was too much air pollution and too much light pollution. Wednesday night, Rob took this picture from the porch of his aunt and uncle's cabin in Flaming Gorge, Utah. I am grateful for stargazeable nights.

Wednesday morning we enjoyed our final trip to the Ramada breakfast buffet. Annie met us at the motel to say goodbye. We took Grandma Martha to the airport where she went on her way back to Maine. We were sad to say goodbye to both so soon.

We started on our way as well. We were headed to Vernal, Utah where Rob lived as a child and has family still. We met Grandpa Bob and Grandma Julia there. Rob's aunts and uncles and cousins met us for dinner at Golden Corral. That was a great surprise.

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