Tuesday, November 10, 2009

before the haunting

Saturday, October 31 was a busy day for us, even before the pumpkins were lit. We started out early, on the bright and cold morning. Bethany and Olivia went to their first soccer tournament. (Mary didn't feel like going.) Both girls played hard and it was fun to watch them play together. Sam came along and enjoyed being the family photographer.

The tournament ended around ten thirty. We drove home, where Rob had been tidying up the much in need of tidying house. We all dove in to party preparation. Mary's birthday party at the Ice Zone at River Garden was starting at twelve thirty. We rolled little hot dogs into dough and chopped veggies and fruit, and gathered chips and drinks and cupcakes and kids and left rather frantically, hoping to get to the rink before the guests. Mary had a great time with her brothers and sisters and friends. Here are a couple of pictures from the party.

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