Thursday, November 5, 2009

international day

Wednesday, October 28, Caitlin, Grant, William and I left the house early to catch the International Day parade at ISB. Before classes began, the school kids lined up on the playground then paraded the halls, many in the traditional costumes from their countries. It was fun for the little kids to wave at their brothers and sisters and the kids they know from church.

I took the little kids home, then Xiao Chen came and I went back to ISB. I got to take two groups around the International Day exhibits. First I took Bethany and her friend. When they were done, I met the three girls in the cafeteria for lunch, then I took Mary and her friend to see the exhibits.

This coconut pudding was delicious!

The Canadians are competitive types. They had a hockey challenge for older kids and trivia questions too. Ben won a scarf because he could name a state that bordered Canada. Of course he said Maine.

This Nativity set is from the Philippines. They had the children write their Christmas wishes on paper stars and place them on a Christmas tree. Then the children received a Philippine coin. They passed out a kind of corn bread to eat.

They gave the children (and adults) jeweled stickers to wear on their foreheads at the Indian exhibit. Bethany was so excited.

Olivia is by her good friend from Japan.

This Finnish exhibit was one of my favorites. They had delicious chocolate samples and passed out little pieces of paper with Santa's e-mail address.

Bethany said International Day was the best day ever.

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