Wednesday, November 11, 2009

princesses pirates and politicians

It seems that although we start to anticipate Halloween as quickly as we turn the calendar to October, we can't avoid the last-minute, frantic rushing, panicky feeling on the evening of. It always comes down to diapering the Pirates and dabbing eye-shadow on little Princesses and to wear -coats -or -not, while watching the sun go down and the neighborhood get lively, and worrying that we might miss out on the whole thing.

But, we managed again, even before dark this time, and walked up to the festivities together, a colorful brood of characters. (Better than last year when the toilet overflowed and flooded the basement, just as we were leaving to trick-or-treat.)
The Embassy was hosting a potluck and the Marines put on a haunted house on the usually forbidden third floor of the River garden clubhouse. It was child friendly before six, so we took Grant through. He seemed to think we were a bit strange for subjecting him to it. Of course, Sam and the others enjoyed the late-night scarrier version.

Little Elmo

Our friends, the Carrillos

It was trick-or-treating as usual, even here in Beijing. River Garden draws ex-pats and locals from all over the area who are looking to enjoy a traditional Halloween. And we did!

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