Sunday, November 1, 2009

fine with five

Mary is quite happy about her birthday breakfast!

Tuesday morning, Grant, Caitlin, William, and I took cupcakes in to Mary's class. Her classmates sang to her in English and Chinese.

We played with Mary during her break time. After her class went back inside, Grant and Caitlin wanted to swing on the bigger kids playground. There is so much to do outside at ISB.

William enjoyed the sand and the kids' size chess pieces. The trees were almost looking like fall. We don't expect much color here. Maybe it's too dry or too polluted. I don't understand why. But this year I see a little more color.

Mary was unhappy with me when she got home from school because she had understood that her iceskating party was that day. Sam was trying to help me out so he said,"Mary, we're not iceskating today but we do have some pumpkin seeds to eat."

Sam and I laughed at that, because, of course, Mary was not impressed. I was grateful that Sam was trying to rescue me. Later in the evening, when we were heading out to dinner, Sam was trying to put Grant in his carseat and he said, "Mom, How do you do this everyday?" I told him I hoped he would forgive me for the torture tactics I had to use to get him in his carseat when he was two.
We met the Sevy family at the Hungry Horse for dinner. Then we went home for present opening and cake. Happy Birthday Mary!

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