Tuesday, March 23, 2010

st. patrick's day

Wednesday, March 17 the girls woke up happily. It's fun to see them excited about St. Patrick's Day. They had their green clothing laid out and the green beads that Grandma sent them.

For dinner we had beef stew and these pretzel breads (close enough to soda bread for me) that I bought at Jenny's. These are worth remembering. We'll all miss pretzel bread.

I used the Many Hands cookbook to make Irish Broonie for dessert. This was Annie's book. I made this molasses bread on St. Patrick's day, with Mom's help, as a child too. I'm so glad that I still have the book after so many moves.

Wednesday morning I took the dogs to the vet for de-worming and to be spayed and neutered. I was glad to have them boarded at Peter's for a couple of days, to get all the you-know-what out of their systems. Poor guys.

Thursday I hosted playgroup. We had a fun group, as usual. Lots of food. I made salads, chicken salad, jello salad, broccoli with bacon salad, and we frosted shamrock cookies. The kids love coming home to the leftovers. I forgot to take pictures. So here is a picture from the playgroup a week before at Catherine's house. This cheesecake that Catherine made was unbelievable! Lime and white chocolate.

Thursday night Rob brought the dogs home in their "cones of shame." They were totally humiliated to be seen by Pepper and Jack the cats.

Friday morning I went to ISB for Kyle's fourth grade performance. Each class presented a folk tale. Kyle was a percussionist.

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