Sunday, October 17, 2010

up to something

William's always up to something in the kitchen.  Stacking doughnuts now, even sour cream "guh-laazees on Wednesdays" doughnuts.  (Anybody know what movie that's from?)

His lovely little stack could give me a leg up next time I get handed one of those development questionnaires by the pediatrician, those awful instruments of shame.  Fortunately, I'm so often running late that I can simply respond with sorry didn't have time for this instead of how the heck should know when asked how many words, how many steps backward, how many times can she clap for no reason, how many blocks or in this case doughnuts can she stack.  Those doughnuts are looking good to me right now.  We don't mind the floor.

Thursday and Friday the kids were home for Fall break.  Thursday evening we went to BYU.  The kids wanted to split up.  Half went to the art museum with me.  They loved this electronic media exhibit.
The rest of the kids went to the science museum with Sam. 

Holographic Olivia.

We caught up with them before dinner.  That was easy since Grant was screaming. Dinner was Taco Bell at the Wilk.  Remind me never to eat soft tacos in public again.  Lettuce everywhere. Total loss of self-respect.

Friday we took our now traditional trip to Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point.

We went on a Friday after dark so the big kids could go in the haunted maze.  Turned out to be too terrifying for all but Sam, who had to turn back to escort his sister out anyway.  And going after dark made it all the more difficult to keep track of Grant who pays the likes of us no never mind these days and would just as soon get lost and taken off to the information booth where they give him a free sucker shaped like a piece of corn no less while I have to come and collect him in shame.

 So by way of evaluation, next year we'll go back to weekdays, which are considerably less expensive, and less crowded.  (We missed the hayride this year due to a too long line and too tired children.  Sam and I were sad about that.) And we'll go in the daylight hours and take at least one more adult along to help keep track of wayward little boys. No more stoicism at Cornbelly's for me.

Saturday we had perfect weather for a picnic lunch at the park with Aunt Judy, Uncle Jeremy and the cousins.  Little Caesars' pizza.  Grant was being helpful and dropped the Hawaiian pizza on the floor of the van, which isn't exceptionally clean, but that didn't stop me because I love pineapple. Sophie's getting more mature looking. Don't you think?

The boys took naps  while Sam was up to something in the garage.  Designing his own haunted house for the siblings.
 Sometimes imagination looks like this.


Aggiefamily said...

Glahazees comment is from the RM.

Megan said...

Thanks Courtney..I knew a Raines would catch that.