Monday, October 25, 2010

web cam

Sometimes doing my best looks like this.Friday night I got the idea that I would fold laundry while watching a movie. But Sam brought home The Rainmaker from the library.Too entertaining for multitasking.  So by Monday the pile was back. 

I try to remind myself to relax and embrace this time.  A new born is in the house.  So I was thinking about putting a web cam on the laundry pile

so that anyone who wanted to could watch the ebb and flow of the pile.

Here's the aerial view.

I just made a simulated web cam, since really, who's that interested in my laundry? 

Sophie's easy to embrace. So how to embrace this time of facing other transitions? Transition is a polite word. I am learning that. What to do with the happy memories? Welcome them. The sadness? Accept it. Be grateful for and try to understand the lessons that life is trying to teach me. The confusion? Pray that when it clears there will be a new light on tomorrow's path.  Something like that.
And in the meantime, I'll embrace other things, like Olivia's whimsical spirit.  It made me smile to imagine her hanging Olivia the Pig's dress up in her own closet.

And then I looked out her window and saw the leaves changing colors and the clouds moving across the mountains.  Autumn is meant to be embraced.

So Tuesday afternoon I got a call from the police department asking me to pick up Sam because he had been in a bike accident. Dispatch didn't think he needed medical attention. So imagine my surprise when I approached the designated intersection and saw the police cars, the fire truck, and Sam being carried in to an ambulance on a stretcher. I almost turned left into the on coming traffic.

The officer explained to me that Sam's bike had been hit by a driver turning right, while Sam was in the cross walk with the right of way. The car didn't touch Sam, but it bent in the handle bars on
one side of his bike and the other side hit him in the stomach. The paramedics where taking him to the hospital to check for unseen injuries. I peeked in the ambulance before they took him away, then ran to Grandad's house to drop off Sophie with Judith who called to ask Granddad to stay with the kids at home. Sam and I spent several hours in the emergency room, where they did a catscan, chest x-rays, etc. All the tests were normal. The doctors and paramedics all praised Sam's bravery. He hobbled up to bed as soon as he got home. The other boys were jealous that Sam had gotten to go in the catscan machine.  I never knew that would interst them so.

Wednesday I had him stay home to recuperate from the night before.  I thought all throughout the day how grateful I was that he was not seriously injured.  It turned out that the driver was a woman who goes to church with us.  She was very sorry and came by to check on Sam.
She brought potatoes, squash, and these amazingly sweet raspberries from her garden.

We had a picnic lunch in the park.  I love Halloween Happy Meals. It was nice to have Sam's company.

Here's a midweek shot of the pile.

Feeling quite disfunctional about this.

But by Friday morning I was seeing some improvement. 

So we went to Paul Ream Nature Park because it was a perfect October day.

I brought some really old "duck bread" that I told Grant not to eat. Grant said he wanted some "human bread."  He said, "That was awesome feeding the ducks mom."  I wish I could remember all the moments like that one.

Friday Caitlin brought her spider made from marshmallows and pretzels home and rearranged the legs a bit, but was still quite proud.  We branched out from our normal Little Ceasars to San Fransisco Sourdough. Yum. Chicken and pesto. And since October is national pizza month they were giving out free slices of barbecued chicken pizza on Saturday.  Free lunch. Score. 

After the free lunch, which I insisted remain free, no drinks nothing, in and out for free, we finished up the Halloween shopping in the pouring rain.

Sunday I made the kids participate in my favorite sabbath "service project." Clean the house for mom. We had been pile free for two days so we were actually able to run the vacuum. Ben made lemon bars, which smelled heavenly, so for a moment, the house felt quite holy. That was a moment to embrace.


Carrie Johanson said...

Megan - You are absolutely amazing. My prayers are with you in this time of "transition". I am glad that Sam is ok!

Kim's Piece of Mind... said...

There was a time in my life during which transition arrived, unexpected and unwelcome. And it threw me, as I was a perfectionist and fixed everything and failed at nothing. Or so I thought. Following this transition, there were so many months of shock and heartache. Then one afternoon, after work, I picked up my girls from school, and we were headed to Pizza Hut. And I realized, well yeah, although life as I had planned it had fallen apart, I could still have fun taking the kids to Pizza Hut, and the sky was very orangey and purpley that night. And I thought that no matter how much pain I might be in, I could still enjoy moments, and events, and my daughters, and the sky. The problems were still there, but so were so many good things. So, I just lived in little compartments, because life is like that. And I could always find things to laugh and be amused about. I took time to grieve and be angry,too. But I knew I would survive and thrive no matter what, which brings me to your laundry. Now, I had two little children and myself to take care of (and no help), and a full-time career, and I had a lot of laundry, although I admit your pile wins HANDS DOWN! But I clearly remember being in my laundry room and trying to match socks, and we all have small feet and after starting to sob, I just thought ENOUGH! So, I immediately threw away every single sock. I then piled the kids in the car and drove to Target and we got Cherry Slushies and I bought all new socks. Different colors for each person, so I knew to whom they belonged. And sorting became less worrisome. So much happened in the course of a few years - really difficult - but I made time to listen to music, read and laugh and I always bought fresh flowers for my house. I still do that. Life is so different now - so good. Funny how that happens. Your laundry is colossal! It made me laugh. And I think your laundry cam is a great idea and you could go on Letterman and talk about it! You have such great stories.I am glad your son is okay. The gift of berries looked so good. Yin and yang. Life is Beautiful. And something I later learned is that my kids learned how to be kind and strong by watching me deal with a lot. They learned how to be honest, because I was open with them, and they do things now like send me a text and say, " MOM! Go outside and look at the moon." And they they buy flowers and candles for their rooms and it makes my smile. They do things now that make me realize how I was really a good mother, when at the time, I felt like an utter failure. And I know now I was not a failure. I was human. Hey... don't worry about laundry. "Slow down you crazy child, and take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while..." Thanks for your post. It is a joy to read. K.

miriam.plass said...

We love you Megan! You have the best attitude that I have ever seen on anyone! When times are tough you just keep smiling and keep going! I love to read all your comments, and I really hope that things get better. It does take time, and that stinks too! Know that we are always here for you even if it is only via e-mail, blogger, phone etc. . . If you ever want to get away from it all. . . Iowa is the place to come =) I'm glad that I'm not the only one with a laundry pile.

Megan Raines said...

Hi ladies! Thank you for all your sweet comments. Miriam, I would love to go to Iowa. It would be fun to go to Mall of America together. I hope we can make it out there before you move! Carrie I hope you're settling in to D.C. life again. I'll look forward to reading more about your East coast adventures now. Kim, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I love how you remembered the little things. Reminds me of a professor I had who said about the Baroque period that "the Glory of God is in the details." The cherry slushee, the purple orange sky, colors and flavors are certainly gifts from God. I laughed about the socks! How liberating! Take care all of you! Love, Megan