Sunday, March 20, 2011


Friday March 11, we celebrated Kyle's birthday at Nickle City.
Kyle geared up for laser tag.

That's Caitlin.

Laser Sophie.
Nickle City has suprisingly good pizza. Yummy crust.

Kyle's Friday cake, one of three.  Friday evening the weather was beautiful. Kyle and his friends and siblings played out at the park, a violent kind of  knock each other down the hill game.  A good time was had by all. I guess.

 I think Kyle had a pretty decent weekend of celebration. Saturday morning I sent the kids off to a movie, forgot which one.  In the evening, per Kyle's request, we went to Golden Corral.  Remember not to go there on a Saturday after six again too packed. We loved that it was seafood night. The coconut shrimp was yummy.

After dinner we went to Pet-co to bring home Kyle's new pets.  I had promised him a bright green frog.  I didn't know how expensive the start up would be.  We decided on the more interactive parakeets.  The kids named them Pablo and Pauli.  I said isn't that the same name?  They weren't concerned.

 Sunday morning church.  In the afternoon our home teachers invited us over for a barbecue in honor of Kyle.  Salmon and steak. So delicious. Then home for presents.

This is the banjo that Rob sent for Kyle.  It's a beautiful instrument.
I  love the detail.

Happy Birthday Kyle. I love you.


miriam.plass said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!! Sorry this is late in being posted!

Sara said...

Love the music on your page!! Following you from

Anonymous said...

hey... update your blog!

Unknown said...

Hey Megan- I am on vacation and thought we could catch up on the phone but the number I have for you did go through- give me a ring or shoot Lena message on Facebook. Love to talk to you soon. Amy