Tuesday, March 1, 2011

snow and more snow

It's already March 1.  I'll quickly catch up with February.

Ben survived his root canal. He even came out smiling. I took him for ice cream after, not onion rings.  

Thursday, February 24-- Literacy night at the elementary school.  I got a low approval rating from the kids. I wasn't able to be in three places at one time, and as a result all the refreshments were gone before we got to the cafeteria.  Tried to increase my popularity with ice cream, as usual.
All the kids presented poetry with their classes.

Mary's class performed in Spanish. Kyle's class performed the best rendition of Who's on First I've ever heard.  It brought tears to my eyes! Weird.

Friday morning Sam missed the bus. I was grateful to have his help brushing snow off the van. He took pictures of the morning commute.

Friday night Olivia, Sophie, and I went to the high school to see Sam's science fair exhibit.
Saturday morning...the Boy Scout blue and gold breakfast.  I am in heaven, kids, bacon, friends
fast moving, friendly dogs.

Saturday afternoon the kids used the snow man kit that they got from our friend Jackie for Christmas.  Thank you Jackie!

Sunday February 27, Sam's favorite event of the year, Oscar night.  Grandma Martha came over for our impromptu watching party.  She said it was the most fun she'd ever had watching the Oscars.  I had to agree.


Ali said...
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Ali said...

did somebody say bacon?!

i LOVE the look his sister is giving him when sam is taking pictures of the morning commute!

and, i think you're pretty brilliant with the ice-cream-for-every-solution. works every time!