Thursday, March 31, 2011


Monday March 14,  Fifteen years later I went back to school.  I have text books.  I have quizzes. I have classmates. 

What makes Megan happy?  Not the mom, not the wife, just me?  School.

Really,  it was that simple.

School is the safest place on Earth.  I will never leave it again.

Other things make me happy too.  Like Sophie in the St. Patrick's day dress that Grandma Martha gave her.
Green pizza this year.  Chicken and spinach alfredo from Pier 49.
And here is the Little Italy.  The kids weren't  happy with the pepperoncini, but I love them. Tomatoes and sausage together are delicious.

Something else to be very happy about, Friday March 18, I took Sophie to the Pediatric Cardiologist at Primary Children, the Riverton office that I love. Happy news. The doctor said that Sophie's heart tumor is getting hard to find on the ultra sound.

In the evening Grandma Martha hosted the big boys and Grant at her house for a sleep over.  I took the girls and William to meet my good friend and former roommate Eileen and her children.  They had just arrived from Japan post earthquake.  We ate and played together at the Spanish Fork McDonald's. Wonderful to see her.

Saturday, I'm sure it was cleaning and a little shopping.  Birthday party delivery etc...

Saturday evening and Sunday, March 20, wind and kites.

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