Saturday, April 2, 2011

more about march

More March catch-up...

Wednesday March 23, I took Sam to high school orientation

Friday, March 25 the boys went on a Scout camp out.  They didn't mind the snow and cold.  Saturday morning the boys returned. The leaders gave us boxes of leftover steak, chicken, eggs, fruit, chips, cookies, marshmallows.

Saturday evening the weather warmed up and we decided to have a barbecue in the park.  Ben loves to build fires. Ben and Sam and I spent two hours trying to get the coals ready, owing to my lack of expertise and a strong wind.  I wouldn't trade that time for any feeling of greater competence... laughing at ourselves and our dashed hopes as our flames flared and died down again and again in the wind.  Finally we were eating our delicious steak in the dark, roasting marshmallows, assembling s'mores.  I was so grateful to see my family huddled around the barbecue with their roasting sticks.  Ben made me promise I wouldn't make him build a fire again for at least a few weeks. Good reverse therapy for the pyromaniac I guess.

Tuesday, March 26... the Pinewood Derby.

There goes Kyle's car.

Kyle's car won "most patriotic."

Wednesday March 30, I drove to the elementary school to hear Bethany sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow for her class talent show. I was so grateful that I didn't have to miss it. It happened to be scheduled during my lunch break. She sang so beautifully that I was crying, so was the school principal. I think that she looked beautiful too.

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