Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love this picture of Caitlin and her beautifully sculpted ice cream.  This was at Chuck-a-Rama last Thursday, my second biannual promise to take the kids out to a buffet if they sit through all four session of General Conference.  We did better last October.  April session I had to add a day of hard labor around the house to the arrangement, since we had some fairly intense fighting among the big kids during more than one talk, no doubt on charity, family relations, or forgiveness.

I love that I could put Sophie in a high chair for the first time at a restaurant so she didn't have to get lost in her car seat under the table or trampled by the kids in a food crazed run to the buffet table.

I love Sophie's personality.  Everyday I pick her up at Grandma's house and put her next to Caitlin in the van.  She kicks her legs with excitement and laughs when she sees her big sister.  Caitlin says that Sophie is smile-ish.

I love when I'm going through my day and I find some random thing that reminds me of how unique and wonderful each one of my children is.  I just saw this in the picture files.
This says "Kyle was here."

Speaking of Kyle, I forgot to mention that one of the parakeets died Thursday morning.  It's so sad to find a fallen bird.  This was the one (I admit I can't keep their names straight) who had really bonded with Kyle.  She liked to walk around on his head and shoulders.  The kids said they wished the mean blue one had died.  We were all sad but then we had a good time going back to the pet store to find another one.  I got a wish list as long as my arm for this exotic animal and that one.  Everyone thinks they need a new pet for their birthday.  As you may know,  I am a problem includer.  Does anyone have any experience with Chinchillas?

Here is our new parakeet friend.  His name is Frank Moses.  I had nothing to do with that.

Here's something.  I have days when I feel remarkably peaceful and happy, and days when I feel like crying all day. I can't remember what I did to entertain the kids Friday, it was spring break after all.  I am afraid that I did nothing but feel sad and wander about multi tasking to the point of not feeling like I had accomplished a blessed thing.

 I do remember that a high point came in the evening when Caitlin shared her artwork with me, of which, at that point, I felt entirely undeserving.

Saturday was much better. We had fun plans, that's probably why.
It was a gorgeous day. We all walked over to the movie theatre where we met Grandma. The big kids went to something that I won't admit I let them see because it was too violent. Grandma and I went to Hop
with the younger set, which I will admit I really enjoyed. Grandma and I both loved the first scene of  E.B.'s passionate, meditative drumming on a cliff over looking the ocean and Easter Island.
I like Russel Brand. Walked home loving the white and pink blossoms on trees.

Here's my very humble flower patch. Hopefully it will look more abundant next year when the bulbs divide.

I love daffodils.

Still waiting for the tulips.

Here's William threatening to rescue that pink bunny from the garden.

Here's a picture of a cookie that Olivia frosted.

Here's Sunday in the kitchen with Bethany.  Olivia and Bethany made peanut butter cookies.  Bethany helped me with dinner too.  That's what happens to mashed potatoes when you boil the potatoes then it gets too late to cook them so you put them in the fridge for two days before you mash them. The bowls are not so elegant.  I agree that I need to work on my presentation.

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