Friday, April 15, 2011


Wednesday April 6, the kids brought home free tickets to the Flash game again.  Olivia, Mary, Caitlin, Sam and the little boys wanted to go. 

Friday April 8, Olivia presented her Curious Cub project at school.  It was about parakeets.
Here's one of the pictures Olivia took of the parakeets Pablo and Pauli.
Olivia's presentation.

Friday was a busy day.  After the presentation I checked Olivia and Mary out of school, drove to the middle school to get Ben and Sam, and took them all to the dentist.  Drove back to the school so I could grab Bethany and Kyle. Drove back to the dentist.  Sat down for a minute.  Realized that it was time to get Caitlin for her appointment.  Took Caitlin in.  Bethany was done and reminded me she needed to be to an after school party (early release day.) Took her to that.  Went back to the dentist. Met Caitlin who was ran  up to me with a big smile, showing off her beautiful white teeth. "I was brave," she said. 

I was grateful that with all those check-ups, spacers for Ben, there was only one small cavity.`

In the afternoon I took Caitlin to the elementary school for Kindergarten sign-up day.
Not much happened over the weekend. I had a couple of classes ending the week of April 11. I'm in a seven month massage therapy program. I spend most of my time studying anatomy. So late Tuesday night Mary was insisting on going to sleep in my bed and wouldn't stop talking.  "This is your butt mom."

"Go to sleep Mary. I'm studying feet," I said.  Reflexolgy final the next day.

Ironically I missed five points for misplacing the rectom.  I didn't know it's reflex was only found on the right foot. I'd pointed to the left.

This week the big kids have been out of school for spring break. Monday they walked to the library.  Tuesday was a big day at Grandma's house, frosting Easter cookies, movies,pizza, playing at the playground.  Grant and Caitlin stayed home for that too.

Wednesday night I was relieved to have two finals out of the way.  We went to the Provo Beach Resort for the first time as a family.

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