Sunday, April 10, 2011

general conference weekend

Friday April 1, Sam, Ben, and Bethany went to a movie with Grandma, forgot what it was called, with Jake what's-his-name.  They spent the night at Grandma's house.  It's becoming a popular weekend destination.  Kyle went to his friend's house. I took the younger kids to the Dollar Theatre to see Yogi Bear. Popcorn eater for sure.  Spent about an hour playing on the motorcycles in the arcade and on the Fooseball table that is broken so it shoots the pucks out for free.  Burger King for dinner on the living room floor, watched Zack and Cody.  Fun memories.

Saturday morning, tried to get some cleaning done before the first session of General Conference, not too successful.  Woke up feeling quite is that possible around here?  Sometimes I ask myself that.  I did what I do when I feel that way. Prayed.  Had the feeling things would be better...but also figured it wouldn't be because God would take all my problems away. Kind of felt a little irritated at the whole I'll feel peace from the Conference message thing, was more in the mood to have the problems go away.  After the first session, I settled for the peace.  I felt grateful for General Conference.

Here's the scene of our mid-sessions picnic, an unhealthy assortment of what I could find in the kitchen.  We ate chips and  drank rootbeer, made a new friend, shared our chips with her dog.

Sunday morning.  This always happens in April.

We were all happy to get to spend Sunday at Aunt Judy and Uncle Jeremy's house.  Here is Ben with Uncle Joe and Uncle Don and the three cousins born this fall, Mia, Raymond, and Sophie.  It was nice to see Grandpa Bob and Grandma Julia too.

We still had our traditional conference weekend cinnamon rolls.  Olivia would be upset if we didn't.  I'm still in the cheating mode.  These are like Smith's brand orange rolls or something.  Low investment high return.

And speaking of Sophie, she's seven months now.  Scooting, sputtering, sitting up, and spitting out green peas.

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