Monday, April 25, 2011

easter hamsters

Saturday's pictures.

Easter preparation.

William at being William.

Saturday was birthday and Easter prep day.  I drove around town, more shopping.  More Costco.  Rain and cold.  It felt like Thanksgiving. Another unfortunate discovery Friday night, by the way, our dwarf hamster died.  She was just curled up sweetly in her little nook.  We were all sad. So Saturday Mary cleaned out the cage, quite earnestly, and I went to pick up two new dwarf hamster friends.  Petco knows me now. 

Saturday night bath.

Grandma came over to watch the little ones and I took Sam out to celebrate his birthday. He has been wanting to go to Olive Garden his whole life practically.  Not so easy to do in a big family.  I had a great time with him. I am grateful for Sam.


Z. Marie said...

How sad about the hamster's passing, but it's great you were able to get more. They are both either males or females, aren't they? Or do you plan to expand your eBay venture to include hamster sales?
I'm curious about your opinion of Olive Garden. Obviously it's not authentic, but do you still like it? I get that question a lot, and I don't see anything wrong with their food myself.

Megan Raines said...

Hi! Thanks for your consoling words. We've had a lot of pet death lately. They actually sell them as darf hamster males, so I am assuming we won't have a breeding pair. My ebay venture was a big fiasco but did serve to remind me why I have never gone in to sales up to this point. And it made me all the more sure of my decision to go to massage therapy school...quite the opposite experience!! Maybe I will sell massage tables!

I had to admit to Sam that the next day that Olive Garden is not the best Italian food in the world, but like you said it is a fun experience in its own right...kind of like Casa Bonita without the cliff divers. As long as the pasta is not mushy and there's lots of cream and shrimp I'm happy!

Speaking of Italy I will be going to see what you are up to now!

E Bennett said...

I LOVE the bath time picture! What a fun family you have!

meganloves10 said...

Hi Beth,
It's great to hear from you! I'm wondering how your life is with that new puppy???