Saturday, March 5, 2011


 I forgot to mention that I went to have my hair colored last Friday morning.  All I can say, if there could ever be an all to all that I could say,  is it's debilitating..too dark.  When I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I have to stop what I was doing and say "What was that?"

  I feel like I have disguise hair. I feel like I should be running from the federal government, following an amnesiac assassin around Europe. If only... sadly the rest of me doesn't look that good. 

And back to the Oscars. They stimulate so much discussion around here.  Apparently we will have to wait ninety days to watch the PG-13 version of The King's Speech, since there is a bit of controversy surrounding the decision to make it more accessible to a younger audience.  I'm looking forward to seeing the film, although Sam is already sure that I will not be able to sit through it.  Did I mention that my counselor is also convinced that I have ADHD?  My philosophy is the less you sit still, the more you can eat.

In the meantime,  I was disappointed that The Social Network didn't receive more Oscar's.  I guess I wasn't alone. This is kind of a funny link. Check it out.  I was happy for Inception, however, since it got cheated in nominations to begin with. Sam is a big fan of David Lynch and Christopher Nolan, who as Sam likes to remind us, spent about ten years creating Inception. I checked the facts on that, Wikipedia says nine.You can read about it here. Wow I just saw the Christopher Nolan was born in 1979.  That really makes me feel like an underachiever.

My favorite Oscar did go to The Social Network for Best Original Score.  Do you ever get that stuck in your head?  It makes me feel like I'm back in dictation class. But really I was so impressed by how well its simplicity worked with the rest of the film...the underlying theme that beneath all the complexity and codes, after all the success and status there was just a lonely man that wanted to connect with someone, but was still alone.  Such a classic scene in the end where he hits refresh over and over.  Who can't relate?  If it's not facebook, it's something else.  I think we all have our lonely habits...maybe it's just me.

Last night, Tuesday, Ben and Sam were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. I was grateful that Sam had the initiative to apply on his own and that he didn't stop there, he also encouraged Ben. This morning as I was folding laundry I stopped to think about that.  I am grateful that the boys want the best for each other. They've both been encouraging and supporting each other academically.  I'm happy about that.  Sometimes they get in fairly intense arguments over insignificant things. I tell them they remind me of the Mormon brothers from the Ocean's movies.  That usually backfires, since they take that as a compliment.

Friday night Grandma Martha invited the girls to her house for a sleepover. More about that later.  I took the boys and Sophie, minus Kyle, who was with his friend again, to Burger Supreme for dinner.

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