Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to school 2012

Sunday,  August 19,  the kids said good-bye to Rob. He was heading back to Pakistan.  Monday morning we started in to back-to-school. I took Grant and William to the orientation day at their new preschool.  I was grateful that they both loved their new classrooms and playground, and couldn't wait to return on Wednesday.

 Monday evening I took the four big girls to back-to-school night at the elementary school.  This is a new dynamic having only girls at one school. Maybe I will spend less time in the principals office now, but who's to say?

  Caitlin was in love with her new teacher's reading nook, and very excited to go to school all day with the rest of the girls. If you ask me, half-day kindergarten is a big pain for parents, and a disappointment for the average kindergartner who just feels bored and restless when he or she gets home.  Caitlin's kindergarten teacher, a veteran in the school system, mentioned to me that was impossible to teach everything she needed the kids to learn in a half day.  I wish Utah would join other districts in the nation in implementing full day kindergarten.
  Tuesday morning only the freshman had school at the high school. Ben was the first to leave the house. I dropped him off for his first day of high school.

 Kyle took off, soon after, for his first day of junior high.  I think he is happy about having a school all to himself. Kyle has been such a good big brother all summer. I have been grateful for his support. He is going to be taking choir and musical theater. I love that he enjoys singing.

Then the girls were off looking beautiful in their new school clothes.  It is a good thing the boys don't care about new clothing.  Just getting a few new outfits for these girls was overwhelming. I was grateful that Grandma Martha came over the week before with big bags of new school clothes for the girls. They were grateful too.

 2012 was the fastest summer ever.  In May I prayed to know what I should focus on and for once I felt a clear answer, just day to day life with the kids, just focus on that and getting the house in order.  So when they all where on the bus and I went back home with my three little still at home kids I thought what next?  I imagine that all parents feel that way at the start of a new school year. I think it is ingrained in our psyches to feel, as soon as we see the school buses start to appear all around town that we should also be advancing to a new level.  

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