Monday, August 13, 2012

spring birthdays 2012

We came so close to having a birthday for every month.  January and February are all we lack, if we include Grandma Martha's birthday in July.
  We celebrated Sam's fifteenth birthday the last week in April, with dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe, one of our favorites.


Caitlin's sixth birthday followed quickly, the first week in May.

I took Krispy Kremes to class.

Caitlin and friends at recess.

In the evening we had a picnic in our park, Caitlin's favorite--Wendy's. And the following Saturday Caitlin invited her friends to Nickel City.

I am a big fan of Nickel City in Orem. They are family operated,  they know their regular customers, and always try to give us a deal. I would go just for the pizza, which has an amazing crust. Sam agrees.

In June, Ben turned fourteen.  I was going to forgo decorating the breakfast table with my artwork, to use the word modest would be too generous, and simple balloons, and just as I set out the cereal, and was turning out the lights the night before, my daughters started to insist that we do the decorating, and I had one of  those moments when you feel appreciated, and as if your small efforts have actually been cherished all along.

Ben invited a few friends to Nickel City and was gracious enough to let the rest of us tag along.

Sophie was thinking about the autumn birthdays.

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Happy Birthday looks like lots of fun! Cute kids! First stop here and loving it. Thanks for sharing :)