Friday, August 24, 2012

salem pond

Friday August 17, the kids were invited  by their music teacher, Jessica Knight, to participate in a bluegrass concert with other students at Salem Pond.  Kyle wasn't feeling well or he would have joined them on his banjo.  Mary's violin was being repaired, so she had to miss out as well, but the five of them have made some good progress this summer. Bethany just started guitar in June because she wanted to participate in Jessica's bluegrass camp. After two weeks she was eager to perform a short solo at the closing concert. I admired and envied her courage!

I count Jessica as one of the many blessings of our time in Provo.  She is just what we hoped for: versatile, folksy, fun, inspiring.  I love that bluegrass allows students of all ages and abilities to play together and sound great.

Salem Pond seems like a fun place to come back for fishing.  It is stocked with rainbow trout.

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