Sunday, December 27, 2009

haircut handsome

Friday, December 4, Kyle went to a sleepover at his friend Justin's house, Mary and Olivia went to Molly Weddle's house for her birthday sleepover, and Rob, Sam, and Ben went on a boyscout camp out. The weather was perfect for fulfilling the requirements for their Polar Bear badge. Our house was quiet with just Bethany, Caitlin, Grant, William, and I left at home. We ordered pizza and ate cookies and ice cream for desert. I convinced Bethany to let us watch Sense and Sensibilities. I forgot how much I enjoy movies when I get to choose. We all camped out in the living room, though Grant and William and I only made it through half the night before we wanted our usual sleep surroundings.
It was fun to have everyone come home Saturday morning. Rob and the boys pulled up in the van, just as I was off to collect Mary and Olivia from the Weddle home. Both groups had fun stories to tell. Ben and Sam made me quick piles of laundry in the garage that smelled of campfire. The campers showered up and then were off to ISB for their dress rehearsal. Rob McDonald's for lunch, for the Suessical boys, and the rest of us at home. Kyle was home in time for lunch.

In the afternoon Rob gave the girls and I haircuts, and most notably, William. Here are his first haircut pictures, complete with tear.

Saturday evening we bundled up and walked to the clubhouse. The River Garden management was hosting a big Christmas party, with buffet, entertainment, and activities for the kids.

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