Friday, December 25, 2009

village walk

Friday, November 20, Xiao Chen came early so I could go to ISB. Kyle invited me to accompany him on his class field trip, a walking tour of the village behind ISB.

The students all brought clipboards to take notes on their observations. Later in the day they would turn their notes into a story.

We got permission to tour an elementary school in the village.

The school, and much of China, uses coal to heat in winter.

We were peeking into the classroom. The classroom is very cold so they wear their heavy coats. The teacher and students were happy to have our visit.

Kyle and his classmates in front of the village elementary school.

After about an hour, we walked back to ISB and had hot chocolate in Kyle's classroom.
Friday night Sam went off to a Boyscout camp out. I tried to make pizza dough bu doctoring up some just add water pancake mix. Only Rob and Kyle and I liked it. Rob brought home a recent bid list so we could look over it to see if any other job opportunities might pop out as the right thing. It is always fun to think about new places, but there wasn't a lot left on the list at this late date. We made treats while the kids watched their Friday night movies. We were getting ready for Bethany's baptism.

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