Wednesday, December 23, 2009

obama day

Rob arrived home from Shanghai just before midnight Monday night. Tuesday, November 17, we kept the kids home from school. It was a nice stress relief to skip the morning rush. We had to get everyone bathed and dressed-up, and ready to go to the Obama meet and greet by eleven. We gave Bri Smith, of Miss Bri's preschool, and her sons a ride. Everyone was very excited.

The event was well-organized, with families with children gathered in the embassy gymnasium, waiting for a short speech and group photo, and adults without small children waiting in the atrium for a more formal speech. The kids snacked on cookies and ran about with their friends for a couple of hours while we waited for Barack Obama to arrive. It was fun to be with friends.

Kid commotion and secret service men are an inherently humorous combination.

Grant knew what he needed to pass the time.

When President Obama arrived, he talked with the children for about five to ten minutes, mostly about reading, then took pictures and took the time to shake hands with all of the parents. I felt grateful that our family had the opportunity to be a part of the President's visit.

Grant's good spirits gave way a few minutes too soon.

Can you spot the oldest seven?

Caitlin looks more interested in the headband.

William was there too, though he had napping on his mind.

The kids were happy with "Obama day." We hadn't eaten since breakfast but they were miraculously cheerful. Sam suggested that we eat somewhere American to continue with the theme of the day. Of course that meant McDonald's. The Smiths joined us.

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