Thursday, December 31, 2009

trout and treats

We're grateful for our friends at River Garden. The Mackays brought by a plate of Hollee's famous homemade Oreos. Delicious!

Sunday afternoon our friend Patricia and her son Luke came over to help the children make Christmas tree ornaments. Patricia loves to make crafts, but her son is too old to enjoy them. She was very kind to share her time and resources with our family. We were happy the Sevys came too.

Grant enjoyed the Thai chicken at the Bonner family open house, Thurday evening.
Do you see the lumpia? So yummy.

After the open house, we went down the street to spend the rest of Christmas eve at the Carrillos home with the Craig family too. They served us delicious turkey and baked trout.

Just before bedtime. Caitlin was getting ready for our nativity scene.

Ben looking more surley than shepherd

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Leonard Tourney said...

Megan, you're famous, all of you, and deservedly so. I can hardly wait until you come to Utah again so we can collect your autographs. These pictures are precious. Granddaughters, you're gorgeous girls; grandsons, you're handsome beyond belief. Judith and I are looking forward to the broadcast next month.