Monday, December 21, 2009

harvest feast

November was bound to be a busy month for Rob. The embassy was preparing for Obama's visit. We thought Rob might have to be in Shanghai for more than two weeks. As it turned out, he was home for Bethany's birthday (although preoccupied with the blackberry) and was even free Veteran's Day morning to come with me to ISB.
First, we took cookies to Bethany's class. They sang Happy Birthday to her.

After we left Bethany's class, we went downstairs to the first grade hall. I was grateful that Rob finally had the pleasure of attending one of the famous ISB luncheons, an International harvest feast with all the first grade classes combined. I helped the class prepare an apple and peanut butter snack with the apples that we harvested last week. We served them along with all the yummy international dishes that the moms brought. Each was supposed to represent a dish made at harvest time. I brought the apple brownies that we have made each year since Sam got the recipe on his first grade fieldtrip to Bailey's farm in Virginia.

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