Friday, February 12, 2010

so what about staying

This is what I find after I let Ben borrow my camera.

I have a friend who bought a house and about forty acres of land in a small town near Kansas City. She just went back to the states, by herself, to check on the house and land and stuff. Her daughter was over Wednesday after school playing with Mary. They came in to the kitchen with the Vonage phone.

"Mom can we call Jenna's mom in misery?" they asked.
Sam and I laughed.

Thursday night I asked Sam, "So what about staying in Beijing?"

He said, "You know, Mom, I think I need to go back to America for a while. I'm starting to forget things. Like, I'm starting to think that Abraham Lincoln chopped down the cherry tree, and I'm starting to forget some of the states."

"But you haven't forgotten the state of misery, right?" I asked.

To me staying in Beijing is all about my nest here at River Garden, my playgroup, Jenny Lou's, Victor's, my Indian food, our branch. The biggest reason to stay is ISB. I don't go there without feeling grateful for the friendly and diverse community, the many traditions, the beautiful facility, interesting programs, and the amazing teachers. I wish all the children could graduate from ISB. But, I still miss home, and wish ISB weren't so far away from our family and friends in the states. And, I am looking forward to resuming voice lessons soon. I don't spend much time outside of my bubble, since I don't like to drive here. So, sometimes I feel too confined. But then again, sometimes I am perfectly content to live within a two mile radius. What is dying to go back ASAP is my skin and hair. It's withering in this dry, polluted air. I told Rob I will only stay another year if he sends me to get serious skin and hair therapy on a very long R and R visit this summer. And of course, my skin and hair will need some fresh Maine air.

Nothing's decided yet.

Friday, February 12 I went to ISB for the Chinese New Year parade and lunch with Olivia.

Mary got the Dragon award this week for her "splendid efforts in writing and kindness and concern in helping her friends with their writing." Go Mary!

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