Sunday, February 14, 2010

year of the tiger

Sunday morning fireworks clean-up.
We didn't do a lot to observe the arrival of the year of the Tiger. Rob and I went out to dinner at Hungry Horse. They warned us that they were closing at eight o'clock. No problem, we had an hour. Then the waiter left to set off firecrackers on the wooden patio by the front door. I might have liked to have been warned about that too. Hmmm? Any other exits in the building?
Back at home we rolled out our Valentine's day cookies and decorated them with frosting and sprinkles. Sam had the evening planned so we could all be in our places at nine o'clock to watch Twillight on HBO. We were all in to it when the service was interrupted. The kids begged Rob to let them start another movie. They started in to the old Beatles' movie Help. They have been watching it all weekend. Kyle, of course, is fascinated by John, with his interest in pop culture, political activists, and historically significant assassinations. It is interesting that Pete Seeger was almost assassinated, but he talked the man out of it.
Ben went to shoot and watch firecrackers with the Carrillos and returned safely around ten o'clock. The fireworks went on and on all night long, well after midnight, all around us. I don't know why this year we didn't feel like watching. The sound felt more assaulting than exciting.
Sunday is the first day of the Chinese New year, called chuyi. We celebrated Valentine's day at our house. We opened Grandma's packages. Grandma sent the dogs a Valentine.

The girls spent the afternoon making Valentines and running out in the neighborhood to deliver them.

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