Wednesday, February 24, 2010

two birthdays and a funeral

I have compulsive move planning disorder. I would like to escape from my own thoughts about moving...but the question is where...

and then I'm back to planning.

My mind is like a radio on search mode, looking for a signal strong enough to land on. I think about the familiar comforts of this place and the opportunities in that place. I hear Mary singing in Chinese, a song about a "little well-behaved rabbit" and I think "stay in China."

But the sun also rises in Beijing, in a word, eerily, like the mysterious dawning of a new red orb shrouded in grey film.

"Is that the moon Mama?" "Is that Mars?"

...and health issues become a concern. Airlift us please! We need real sunlight.

Here's a picture of Thursday morning. I just sent the kids off to the bus stop. I hope they find their way. I'm sure this is mostly fog, but it doesn't smell good.

I think about how to make everyone happy. Saturday morning I was getting Grant ready for the day.

"Mama, I go see lion." He said.

I think about a place with a good zoo...Salt Lake City, D.C.

"I go jungle." He says with a roar.

Sorry Grant. I'm not thinking about Africa.

Saturday afternoon, Olivia and Sora were looking for something on the refrigerator.

"Where's that picture of Michael Jackson?" She asked.

"You mean the magnet I bought in Nashville?" I asked.

"That's Elvis."
Easy mistake. Does anyone have a copy of Third Culture Kids?

What does any of this have to do with cherry pie? Monday February 22, we celebrated George Washington's birthday with our traditional cherry pie.

I think it's kind of too bad that we have President's Day and Martin Luther King Day on a convenient Monday, It makes me forget the real date, and you don't feel the real aura of history. Having said that, we also celebrated Abraham Lincoln Monday night, with our second annual Chicken Fricassee dinner. Last year, I had Kyle Google Abraham Lincoln's favorite foods, that's what we came up with.

It took me all day to make this and the pie . I think everyone would have preferred if I had stopped at the crunchy fried chicken pieces stage...

... but after the frying stage you have to add water to make a gravy and then boil the dumplings in it.

I couldn't sleep Monday night. That meal was so rich that when I closed my eyes, I just saw simmering dumplings.

Monday afternoon, Ben made a sad discovery. Stripe, his turtle of two years had passed on. He was heartbroken and in tears, but cheered up when I suggested a burial.

Grant pronounced the eulogy.
"Turtle is died."


miriam.plass said...

When we graduate next year. We are looking at jobs with the NSA that would put us in the DC area for 3+/- years. It would be cool if we were there at the same time. If you stay the extra year in Beijing and we get it then we would go there at the same time.

Megan Raines said...

That would be unbelievbale! It's been so long since we have been close. Imagine the mischief the kids could make together!

Diana said...

Megan, we have never met, but I am Julia's sister Diana. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching your video of the performance on the Chinese TV program. You are amazing and so are your children. I just kept thinking how proud I am sure their grandparents all are. I also checked out your music area and listened to a few of your songs. My goodness what a gift you have in your talent to sing. You truly touched my heart. Have you recorded anything? If not you should. I work at Deseret Book and can tell you that you are much better than a lot of the artist we carry. Anyways, what a lovely family you have and how blessed you all are. Rob especially. I have not seen him since he was a little boy at the last family reunion he attended in Az. That was a long time ago. I wish you all well... love, Aunt Diana
By the way, if you want to see what my family looks like you can go to my blog at...
Take care, Aunt Diana

Leonard Tourney said...

I love your Do Re Me and have downloaded it so I can hear it everyday. Thanks to you and the children for being so talented. I am trying to get the video from the Chinese website but can't seem to find the arrow you mentioned directing me to it. HELP!