Wednesday, February 16, 2011

counting catching corners cupid

My house has so many corners, the cluttered shelf, the moldy edges of the sink, the disorganization in the garage, stories waiting to be read together, projects unfinished, so many opportunities to improve.  Meanwhile, I look out the window at the sun on the mountains, hoping that before the end of the day I'll go out and breathe in it's beauty, relieved. I say wait there I'm coming, but by noon, I start to feel desperate because I know it won't wait.

It's Valentine's day and absolutely the most beautiful morning of the year, warmth, sunshine, blue sky, white mountains.          

Driving to school today Caitlin asked,"If it's Valentine's day why is Cupid not shooting arrows in the air?"

Sam replied, "He is.  He's just invisible."

I dropped William and Sophie off at Grandma's, then Caitlin and Grant off at the preschool.  Grant's class was already out at the playground, but on the classroom carpet were bags decorated with red hearts and each child's name, already filled with surprises, lined up in neat rows.

Valentine preparation has been the industry around here lately.  Counting, collating candy and cards.  Some spreading their goods out carelessly on  the carpet, then screaming with horror to find William tearing in to their lollipops.

I went to the store to buy Valentine cookies, frosting, sprinkles for Olivia's class.  Found some beautiful hyacinths to give away. I love the smell of Easter.

Came home, walked in to the off-to-the- bus- was extensive and all throughout the house.  Determined to leave it and sit down to write. About what? Accepting the limitations of the day.  Learning happiness that way.  Because Saturday, while I spent the day cleaning I kind of had this idea that it would make Monday easier. But here I am again.

So I even left the bags of groceries on the floor.  Looked down to see the enormous pork loin that was half price still lying on the carpet, slithering out of the bag like an anaconda.  I have to find a zen focal point and let the rest go.

Keeping this blog is a way of reminding myself that this is about more than catching up. I've already arrived at the day.

And here were some things to celebrate.

Thursday, February 10, I was grateful that we were able to pull together Olivia's science fair project. Proud of her for wanting to do it and for keeping me on task.
Bethany made a Valentine's day box to take to school. 
Friday morning, Ben invited me to come to the Middle school to see his musical theater class perform a one-act play.  I think Ben has a future in physical comedy.

Friday at noon, the preschool kids had open houses for me to attend.  Caitlin is serious and detail oriented about her artwork.

I got to frost cookies with Grant.

Friday evening, on the pizza pick-up the kids and I stopped by Petco.  I was planning to buy a new companion for the Dwarf Hamster.

"Not gonna happen," the Petco guy responded when I told him we were looking for a new cage mate.

Apparently, once they've tasted independence they can't be paired again.

But he did give us some advice about  how to catch a Dwarf Hamster.  Here it is.  There's an apple, her favorite snack, there at the bottom.

Sophisticated as this may be, Julie the hamster is still at large.

Saturday cleaning.

Sunday warm and beautiful. I went to the park with the kids. It was great to see them playing with their neighborhood friends outside.


Hen Jen said...

oh wow, you do have so many blessings to be thankful for! I totally get the zen moments- I am very easily distracted, it's a running joke at my house that I put things in the washing machine and forget to ever turn it on...

great science fair exhibit! I shy away from projects like that, because I know my follow-through won't go well, good for you! My dd15 will be doing one this year, let's see if I survive...

love the hamster trap, hope the runaway returns :)

Z. Marie said...

We were warned when we bought gerbils (pre-FS) that if we were going to want more than one that we had to buy "littermates" (that's in quotes because they mix litters when they're still tiny). So we bought two. When Kevin started A-100 and we moved to D.C. several months later, we gave both of them to a neighbor, who put them in the same cage as her hamster. There wasn't bloodshed, although I'm not necessarily suggesting you'd have the same outcome.

meganloves10 said...

Thank you for both of your comments!
I have been tempted to introduce another hamster, just because I hate to think of the other one all by herself in a cage. But I hate to have one eat the other!

I saw a visitor from Bosco Chiesa Nuova the other day. I was wondering if that was you Zoe. I think I took a bus there for an appointment when I was on my mission. You are so lucky to be posted there!

liz said...

This is Liz. I haven't seen you for years, but I like to catch up on your blog, when you post on facebook. I honestly never knew that you were such a talented singer....amazing. The kids are all getting so big. When you moved to Ecuador, I think Sam was 9 yrs. old!
We are living down in Argentina, more Spanish and more boxed milk:) The kids are good, and growing fast. Remember when you moved to Quito, Maggie and Caitlin were just babies? Your new little ones are beautiful. I just wanted you to know that I think you are brave and honest, and it so refreshing to read your posts and have you just tell it like it is. Too many of us moms feel like we've got to put on a brave front and hide our faults, but it is always such a relief to me to know that almost every one of us struggles with the same day to day responsibilities, and that it is OKAY! I really appreciate your honesty and your sense of humor. Thanks for sharing with me. I think you're doing a terrific job!

Megan said...

Hi Liz!
It's great to hear from you. The kids and I remember so often the good times that we had in Ecuador. That trip up to Otavallo for New Year's 2007 especially. You have travelled so much since then. I do agree that the boxed milk is not my favorite thing about South America. I wish I could see your beautiful family I am remembering those awesome big chocolate chip cookies that you make too! I hope our paths cross again...until then I am so glad that we can keep in touch via facebook. How about starting a blog yourself??? Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

Take care,