Tuesday, February 1, 2011

old times big picture

It  seems that I touted too soon my camera reconditioning abilities.  Friday morning I watched Bethany participate in the school spelling bee.  She studied hard and I'm proud of her for being courageous and diligent.  So standing in the back of the auditorium, trying to get a better shot of Bethany, I realized that the offending piece that I tore off with abandon was actually responsible for the zoom-in.

The universe might be telling me to buy a new camera, with a more sophisticated, or changeable lens, but my budget is telling me to keep looking at the big picture.

I love to walk through the halls and see the kids' artwork displayed, especially seasonal. It brings out my inner elementary school student. Olivia was excited about the 100th Day of School this week.
I found the 100 Hershey's Kisses that she brought.  That doesn't really look like that much...maybe I could eat those myself.

Last week warmed up to feel like early Spring.  Here's Thursday. I was outside planting the daffodil, crocus, and hyacinth bulbs in our little flower bed. I wish I could do something with that pipe. I should really create a more attractive border as well. I'm just not gifted at decorating... I'm substance without form... May be one of my mental issues.

I thought I would make a perfect mom moment out of the gardening time by including the kids, but ended up being the tyrannical mom and sending the guilty inside crying when one brother hit  the other with a little trowel. I hoped no one was watching...

Friday afternoon the girls were running up and down the street planning sleepovers with neighborhood friends. We had two friends here Friday night. It felt like old times.
Grandma Martha brought supplies for making Valentines.

Sam requested that we make homemade pizza.  I found pizza pans on sale two-for-one. I'm grateful for small blessings.
I couldn't find pesto at the market where I shopped Thursday evening, so I improvised and picked up a few packages of Alfredo-pesto sauce mix.  It turned out to be creamy, and delicious with Parmesan cheese grated on top.  Sam called the mushroom and tomato side "the politically incorrect" side, as he knew Bethany wouldn't approve.

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miriam.plass said...

I love your home made pizza. Those look so Yummy!!! I still make it close to once a week. I love seeing the pictures of the kids growing and growing!