Thursday, February 3, 2011

utah flash vs ft wayne

Sam brought home free tickets to Monday night's Utah Flash game. I was glad that he was excited to go, so after dinner we packed up the willing and went off in the cold.
So I was thinking this might have been a nice picture if my zoom was working. Then I gave the camera to Sam and he got it to work easily.  That is kind of how it is around here with anything remotely technological.
And this is what interested Sam....probably on his birthday wish list...
Basketball must be Mary's muse.

I love that there are so many things going on to keep the kids' happy. I got to watch a few minutes of the game between poetry readings and  bathroom, popcorn, and bouncy house requests.

They love the kidzone

I was ready to see William contained.
So on one of our many wander-abouts, a man from Malawi's Pizza stopped to give us a free desert pizza. He called it the chocolate pizza, but it was so much more.

There were rich bites of sweet peanut butter and toasted marshmallows covered in chocolate syrup and powdered sugar.  See that crust?  Cracker thin, brick oven fired. Made me want to try it with pepperoni.

Can you see what's happening here?  I ate the part that fell on the floor.  It was that good.  And that's my job.

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