Wednesday, February 2, 2011

thank you winder farms

Thank you, from the kids and I, to the people at Winder Farms.  In response to our January 26, 2011 post they sent us some delicious chocolate milk and a sampler package filled with a variety of flavors of milk. 

The kids didn't know there were so many ways to drink milk...strawberry, root beer flavored, orange, vanilla.
Sophie's learning more about milk everyday...
Mary wanted to keep the strawberry milk to herself.
And here's an update on that amazing cheesecake that we ordered...Junior's of New York...
Sam, Kyle, and I...the cheesecake lovers, agreed that it was fantastic  So rich...each bite was all about the cheese. Look at the texture. I love how it crumbled!

Here's an aerial the topography of a new moon!  Reminds me of A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit.  (Obsessive...)

Thank you Winder Farms!

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