Friday, February 4, 2011

did you ever wonder

Did you ever wonder if you could use your own cookie dough in an Easy Bake oven?  I'll admit that's the kind of thing I think about.
So after Olivia made the two Easy Bake cookies that come with the oven, she spent two hours filling the little pan with my  homemade chocolate and butterscotch oatmeal cookie dough, and sliding them through the Easy Bake oven, one by one, until she'd made ten of them.
It's kind of strange that you can cook with a light bulb.
That was Sunday.

Monday I thought the clouds were beautiful.
Tuesday I went to the elementary school at lunchtime.  Bethany's class was putting on a sale as part of their economics unit.  Bethany was selling her homemade tie dye shirts.

Wednesday Feb 2--the day that one thing fell into place...

Caitlin escorted Grant to his first day at the daycare center where she attends preschool.  Caitlin went to her regular class and then went down the hall to a new teacher after lunch.  When I picked up Grant at three-thirty he was surrounded by a small posse of boys who were calling him "Batman."
 He introduced them as his "new brothers."   William and Sophie are going to spend MWF with Grandma Martha.  So now I have to figure out how to make those hours remunerative.  I wasn't expecting to do it in that order, but sometimes life is that way.

Wednesday night Sam and Ben were really excited to go tubing at Soldier's Hollow with the church youth group.

Thursday Bethany went to school in her blue traditional Chinese dress.  For the sake of honest blogging, I'll admit that I was  more comfortable letting Chinese New year pass by this year. But I thought Bethany looked beautiful.

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