Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fourth of july 2012

Fourth of July we went to the Provo Freedom Festival Parade with Granddad, as is our yearly tradition.

Grant's favorite.In the afternoon we went to a movie at the dollar theatre. It was something that the little kids wanted to see.  I can't remember what it was because I was chasing William and Sophie around the lobby.  In the evening, we were excited to go out to our home teacher's ranch for their annual Fourth of July party.  They couldn't have fireworks out there because of the terrible fires in the state this year, but the kids had a great time canoeing and swimming in the pond.  When we got home we went over to the park to watch fireworks throughout the city from the playground.

It was such a blessing that the next day it rained!  The air had been so dry and polluted from the fires, and the fire danger so high.  The kids had fun watching the colored smoke blend in to the puddles. I think fireworks are Ben's favorite part of the summer.

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