Friday, November 9, 2012

october snow

While Grandma Martha was away in beautiful California, we had our first snow. 
                                                                       Everyday I have more respect for pansies.
Grant was excited to go out and make snow angels. Somehow I only got footprints.

When our neighbor Marie got off the kindergarten bus the kids made a snow dog.
The snow was wonderful for the apples.  Everyone in the neighborhood has been talking about how flavorful they are now--  almost lemony. I love having this tree in common.  I would live in a commune in a heartbeat.
My alyssum didn't mind the snow.  They are still in bloom.

 I went out to rescue the little green tomatoes. 
This was the day before. The plant had grown up on to the rose trellis. I wish we could have had an Indian summer. I had dozens of new tomatoes.
I have been so grateful for this little flower box all summer and fall.  It has grown so abundantly.

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