Tuesday, November 20, 2012

save the zingers

 I told Ben that Hostess is going out of business.  It is true that our family is obsessed with zingers. I have been since college and I passed the trait on to my children.  When we lived abroad we headed for the Hostess aisle as soon as we hit American soil and now it's come to this.  I put a yellow zinger in Caitlin's lunch bag Friday and thought nothing of it. I had two boxes on the top shelf in the kitchen. Saturday morning William climbed up on his favorite partner in crime, the stool, and distributed our last zingers throughout the house, with a generous dose to himself not doubt.  I went to Smith's hoping to get more...but it was like they never existed. I felt like I was the earth moaning because I could take no more. It really is 2012.  I have a feeling Hostess will be in our family prayers, as it should be. 

As for that bow tie, Ben and Sam spent the week performing in their high school play Hello Dolly. Sam was sick for most of the run, but proved himself worthy of the show must go on award, as he didn't miss any performances./div>

Friday after preschool, Grandma Martha treated us to lunch at Arctic Circle and called it our Thanksgiving, since she was headed back to California Saturday morning.  Olivia had stayed home from school because she had a case of the croup during the week and was still recovering.  We have a loose definition of recuperation at our house.

Grandma's girl.

Caitlin came home dressed for the holidays. Thank you God for letting me be the parent of seven first graders.  Whimsical hats worn so proudly melt my heart, really to the point of tears. There is meaning Sam.  I pray for many more years of paper turkeys.

Friday night we made homemade pizza again. 
 Olivia in mid-flip...reminiscent of The Crow's Nest in Beijing, where the kids liked to watch the cooks throw the pizza up two stories high...or so goes family lore.
Caitlin said my cheese pizza looked so realistic.

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