Saturday, November 10, 2012

pumpkin lights 2012

William was very gracious with big October born brother Grant all through the month. Whenever he saw carved pumpkins, dangling skeletons, or plastic, inflatable, life-sized front yard ghosts, he said to Grant, "Everyone is decorating for your birthday!" 
Monday the kids were excited to go back to Grandma Martha's house after preschool. Grandma planned a Halloween celebration for the kids. I think Grant was trying to do crossed eyes. He is in to that lately.
Grandma Martha had been in California visiting my dear, spunky, sarcastic, sincere, flirtatious, never a burnt bridge, always a door open Aunt Lois who was in the hospital. We are all grateful that Aunt Lois's health is improving now.  Auntie Lois is the world's expert on Los Angeles culture, and gives a remarkable tour of homes of the famous--many of which she and her family sandblasted during the eighties and nineties. I miss the days when we drove down to her house on Easter Sunday and we helped her make grape leaves and clam dip that she always served with Honey Baked Ham and Marie Calendar pies.  I remember watching her front door with admiration as guests streamed in and out--people of all ages, and of various's ex, that guy's cousin, what's-her-name's new boyfriend. Everyone was welcomed.  Her home was always a lively, loving place.

Monday evening we had music lessons going on inside, while the kids ran in and out of the house and carved pumpkins on the front porch.

 Nice, Sam.Ben helped Grant.

 Tuesday is one of my favorite days. I love driving down to Miss Jenny's house to pick up Caitlin and her friend Ava from sewing lessons.  Miss Jenny lives in Maeser, a small, historic section of  South Provo. The orange and brown leaves falling from the heavy branches of overgrown trees, and old pioneer era homes were in the perfect mood to celebrate Halloween.   My favorite yard is filled with gravestones.  We tried that last year with some gravestones made of Styrofoam, but the younger boys kept pulling them out of our little decorative cemetery and using them as shields and weapons and flying saucers--so disrespectful really.

I am a huge fan of Miss Jenny's sewing school Thimbles and Threads.  I have mentioned that before, but it is worth writing again. She is wonderful. 

Tuesday night we lit the pumpkins. That is noteworthy because some years I actually forget to do that.  When they were all lit and we stepped back to admire their work. I felt so happy.  Peaceful. I think we are growing up, a little.

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