Sunday, January 31, 2010

chair skating

Saturday, January 24, the branch met at Houhai for chair skating. We love Houhai in the summer and winter. When it's warm we bring our guests here to tour the nearby hutongs by rickshaw, then we have lunch by the lake and rent a boat to tour around on before we head home. When the lake freezes over, it becomes even more popular as a natural ice skating rink. The chair skates make it easy to bring small children and to relax by the "food court" in the middle of the lake for people and animal watching. This is the first time I remember seeing goat-drawn sleds or lap dogs riding by.

We brought our friend Patricia and her son Luke. They lived in Portland, Maine before China.

Patricia and the Sevys

Caitlin wasn't sure she liked the chair skating, so I promised we'd all get cotton candy before we left. Just five kuai and they were enormous!

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