Sunday, January 10, 2010

the recording

Saturday, January 9, we drove in to the city to record the music for the talent show. We will be singing along with our pre-recorded music on the night of the performance. Thankfully. I appreciate any degree of predictiblity in this situation.

Ben usually gets a bit grumpy about car rides and Saturday committments, but I told him he would love the recording studio, and he did. Here we are outside.

This project is a bit overwhelming, but we're taking it step by step, and sweetening the deal for the kids along the way.
I forgot to mention another Sam kitchen creation in my last post. We recreated his famous Fanta float chocolate sundaes as a reward for a good rehearsal last Tuesday night. (That stuff is so sweet it makes my head spin!) I am putting all my faith in bribery and "pray always."
I think Grandma will be pleased with the outcome. I could tell the kids felt good about what they'd accomplished Saturday because they didn't complain when we hit Beijing four o'clock traffic. Our stash of Fritos and Poptarts helped. More deal sweetening.
I was grateful we had this opportunity. It was a fun way to spend time together.

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