Sunday, January 17, 2010

the dress rehearsal

Friday, January 15, Michael Jackson's back up guys ate next to us in the cafeteria. The buffet was especially delicious. Sam and I enjoyed the fried cod. Bethany and Olivia particularly liked the little white cakes. They were good, with blueberry topping. We were a bit rushed. I think Jane was more nervous than all of us combined.

Friday was a filmed dress rehearsal with an audience. As soon as we finished eating we changed into our costumes and went to the make-up room.

I was pretty excited when Michael Jackson sat down next to me in the make-up room. Who knew he spoke Mandarin like a native?

After the make-up room Jane led us to the second floor to a hallway of broadcast waiting rooms, like green rooms. Fortunately, we had our own, or the kids would have driven someone other than me and Rob crazy, spinning around on wheelie stools.
We practiced a bit, argued a bit, played a bit of poison handshake, then it was time to go downstairs to wait backstage.

It was exciting to see the performers gathered in groups backstage. There were the Russian dancers, with their dramatic eye make-up and sparkling red sequined dresses, the Mongolians in long white, gowns and mysterious hoods, the two Canadian Eskimos, who surely belonged to the igloo from the night before. The kids did their best to jockey for a good view of the show, while I tried, in vain, to gather them back around me. Jane said "Please don't let your kids run wild." I think she was remembering Grant and the igloo.

This man is Japanese African-American. He sang a gorgeous, soulful ballad about his mother. Take note of the bubbles.

When the Japanese man started to sing Mina told us we were next. Now I would see if I could really get all the little girls to go on stage. Mary started to protest. I told her the spirit of Miss Mary would go with us. When they announced our group everyone went on happily.

We got off to a great start and I was feeling relieved to be half way through, with everyone having a good time on stage, when the music stopped. Okay. We all just sat there. Then I saw the bubbles on the floor at the front of the stage. A crew of men ran out with mops and we watched, relieved that we hadn't tried to march through the slippery bubbles.
The director came out and asked us to start again.

I was glad to see the kids still had enthusiasm. As we marched forward in the last verse, the audience clapped to see all the kids lined up in a row. I was relieved that they enjoyed our act. The kids ran off the stage, excited about their performance. Just one more night to go.


Unknown said...

Megan- I have been eagerly reading the "play by play" of your performance adventure! I am dying to see the Raines family performance not to mention Michael Jackson and the Japanese African-American. I hope you will be able to post a video. Good luck to all for your big night!

Megan Raines said...

Hey Amy is that you? Do you keeep a blog? I would love to follow! The show will probably be posted to a Chinese web site, I'll bet Sam can figure out how to post it to youtube if no one else does. It's great to hear from you! Have a great day...or should I say night!

Unknown said...

yep it's me. . . . . I kinda keep a blog- I kept one off and on while I was training to hike half dome and am considering doing it again as I get ready to hike Mt. Whitney this summer- I'll send you the link when it us up and going. I mainly keep updates with pictures on FB and an online gallery ( if you want to check it out.

It looks like you guys are having a blast! you are all so beautiful in the picture of you all on the stage! Post a link to youtube when Sam gets it on line.

Previously you mentioned you maybe living China? If so when and where to next? My regular email is

Have a lovely afternoon ;)