Monday, June 7, 2010


Tuesday, June 1, I went with Olivia's first grade class to what I believe is called the National Zoological Museum. It was the same field trip I attended last year with Bethany, but the exhibits had moved to this brand new science annex. Olivia said she felt like we were at BYU.

The highlight of the trip was the 4-D IMAX film. It was all in Chinese but we enjoyed the 4-D graphics, which were better than Avatar. I loved the vibrating chairs and the squirts of water and gusts of wind.

After the museum we had lunch at a park near the Bird's nest. We tried to keep off the grass.
Thursday I was invited to see Olivia's class museum presentation. Hers was on grasshoppers. At noon I took Caitlin and Grant to playgroup, which we held up at the clubhouse restaurant. Caitlin's best friend, Amelia, brought cupcakes for her birthday.

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