Monday, June 21, 2010

apologies go a long way

Friday morning I wanted Grant to model these spider man glasses that I found in my backpack. I bought them for him at the Jenny Lou's toy store.

Olivia wanted to model her wavy hair. She slept in her braids Thursday night.

And Caitlin reported to me that Mary "elbowed her with her butt and didn't say sorry."

Apologies go along way with Caitlin. Friday she was excited to play with cousin Mylee. Mary said "I thought you were mad at Mylee. " Caitlin replied "well, she said sorry for saying she hated me..." Strong feelings are easily expressed and easily forgiven among four year-olds.
Saturday the girls modeled the bracelets they made at Grandma's stake primary activity.

Grant was happy about being included in the games.

And Kyle thought the ice cream sandwiches were worth modeling too. It's been a long time.

In the evening back to Wal-mart and Little Caesar's pizza for dinner.

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